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Bear Cake

So I wanted to make a bear cake for a certain special someone in my house.  He's as sweet as can be so it had to be a great cake for my handsome little stinker.  After some thought, I came up with this...

It's as easy as pie to assemble and turned out looking like an actual teddy bear!

I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe (coming soon!)
and poured the batter into the following pans...

(2) 9" cake pans - belly
(1) 6" cake pan - face
(1) Cupcake - mouth
(6) Mini Cupcakes - ears, arms, and legs

I stacked the 9" "belly" cakes with a bunch of icing inside.

The icing was my favorite chocolate buttercream
for the body and buttery buttercream for the accents.
(also coming soon!)

Blue m&m's for the eyes and he was just right.

Side view for a better idea of the stacking...


  1. have you decided what to do yet? I was thinking about this today for some reason and I know your brother already put her face on the robot's tummy BUT you can buy edible stuff for cakes that you can print on...not sure how it works and they are kind of expensive but if you still needed an idea I thought maybe you could do that or maybe that would spark another idea

  2. HAHA Sarah I am such a retard! You said JOE I'm just slow....I love Steve so much I guess I just read his name...


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Sugar Bananas has moved! To find the latest, visit
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