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Painted Easter Crackers

So there I was. It was 9pm and I was signed up to bring in CHIPS to the Easter party (the next morning). Chips were too easy. So, I found a recipe  for CHEESE CRACKERS. They turned out more like cheesy biscuits but were still very good! I'd suggest cutting back on the baking powder a smidge.

To decorate, I went against my "NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS" rule and broke out my neon dyes.

Hey, it was 9pm, it was an emergency. Ordering these all natural dyes from The Natural Candy Store is on my to do list.

Here's my dish full of tools:

The paintbrush stays in my kitchen and is only used for food.

I rolled out the dough and cut out a zillion egg shapes. Then, I mixed about 2 drops of each color with egg whites in separate custard cups. I swirled some "paint" across the eggs and baked them towards the BOTTOM of the oven so the tops wouldn't get too brown.

It's a bit of an April Fool's joke since they look like sugar cookies :)


  1. Hello, your chesse crackers are darling. I have a blog list of Texas bloggers and would love to add your name, please cxome over and follow.


  2. Very unique idea! Thanks so much for linking to my party!

  3. These look fabulous! I don't know that my zig zags would look as good as yours though. ;)

  4. These look very good! We used to make crackers all of the time and loved them. I might have to dig out that recipe ;) Have a blessed Easter!

  5. Great idea! These turned out so nicely! You did a great job with the zip-zags...looks like a pro!

  6. Howdy
    Happy Easter Sunday !
    WOW a fantastic idea :)
    Ya know it's always those great moments like late night before an event that I really get creative or is it I'm brave enough to try something different ?
    I'm simply loving this one .
    Thanks for sharing sweetie.
    Happy Trails


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Sugar Bananas has moved! To find the latest, visit
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