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Kids + Youtube

So I’m almost back to regular life – I’m recovering from a very painful herniated disc. I’ve been through this before but this time my sciatic nerve is being crunched. YEOUTCH! It’s a slooooow healing process.  But, I had the cortisone injection and it seems to be helping.  

There should be a rule somewhere that moms cannot get sick or hurt.

A broken mommy makes for some really hard times.  

It's hard on everyone and I've been so bummed out lately.  I'm trying to get back to the normal Sarah as my back heals. 

Hubby has been my hero through this ordeal.  He did the job of mom and dad for a while so I could rest my back. 

I thought of a few ways to occupy our little ones while I was stuck - flat on my back.  It's not easy since they're so young.  So, I had them hop up in bed with me and the laptop.  We always hit the standby website - starfall.  This works and keeps their attention for a while but I was getting SO SICK of, “A, Ah, Alligator” and “Zac the Rat.”

So, we headed on over to youtube to find some more kiddie entertainment. We hit paydirt! My two little ones were completely enthralled for about an hour each evening.

This gave daddy some kid-free time to get things done.

Here are the ones they liked the most:

***Warning*** - Some of these songs/videos are so cheesy but the kids went wild for them.  Enjoy!

Bear Hunt - It's old school, yet still very fun!

5 Little Monkeys:



Numbers 1-10:

Elmo ABC:

C is for Cookie:

"Animal Action" - This is my daughter's FAVORITE song from gymnastics class.  She was thrilled when we found this one.  The kids would jump off of the bed to act out the different animals on the floor.  So fun - and helps burn off some extra energy. 

Animal action is so much fuuuunnn... I can't get it out of my head!

After I post this blog, I’m going to bookmark this page for emergency use in the future!

I hope it comes in handy for your little ones as well.


  1. these are great...hope you feel better soon....

  2. Thanks for the idea! I never would have thought to check out youtube for my kiddo's entertainment. :)

  3. awwwww.....hope you feel better...that totally stinks...i think you should invent that rule....wave a magical wand and wish that none of us ever get sick again....Youtube is kids love it and learn a lot....:) take care hun!


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Sugar Bananas has moved! To find the latest, visit
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