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How To Make Sun Tea

A nice, cold glass of iced tea on a hot day is just so refreshing!  Here in Texas, we've had many 100+ degree days in a row.  It's getting out of hand - and there's no end in the 10 day forecast.  It's times like this I like to make sun tea (for two reasons).

#1.  It doesn't involve heating the kitchen!
#2:  It has a great flavor.

The tea isn't going to boil so it won't be killing bacteria.  So, make sure to start off with a very clean pitcher AND only keep the tea around for a day or two.

2.5 quart glass pitcher

Pick your favorite tea. 
 I'm a Lipton child.  
It's what my momma always made.

I use 8-10 teabags depending on how much caffeine I need want that day.

Fill the jar with filtered water (for the best flavor) and drop in the bags.

Move the tea to a sunny spot.  I put my pitcher on my back porch in direct sun for over 2 hours.  It can stay and brew longer.  The sun does all of the work.  Just make sure the pitcher is sealed (bugs like tea, too).  

After it's done sunbathing, add some sugar already!  
Chill and serve.

I like my tea SA-WEET.  Hello, Texas!


Here's a link to the glass pitcher with a twisty, sealed lid.  

I hope you're staying cool and enjoying this lovely summer!

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  1. My mom used to do this all the time when I was growing up...and stuffed it with a bunch of mint leaves from the garden too. Thanks for the flashback! :)


  2. Hi Sarah, I have been exploring your lovely blog today and it has left me feeling hungry to try some of those amazing treats, and very inspired. Thankyou, Elizabeth from

  3. Capture summer in a jar by brewing tea in the warmth of the sun. Use the natural and gentle heat of the sun to brew a cup of tea. It's very nice to make something right in the garden.


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