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Panko Parmesan Tomatoes

Oh, these are perfect for a light, end-of-summer meal.  I'm usually game for anything with tomatoes and cheese - and these were delicious!
I sliced a few roma tomatoes in half and placed them on a greased baking pan.  Next, I covered them with olive oil, panko crumbs, parmesan, salt, pepper, and of course GARLIC!
They spent a few minutes under the broiler just until browned and bubbly. 
You could also do this in a toaster oven under the broiler setting if you're only making a few.
Along with a baked potato,
this was a nice, light dinner.


  1. Just found your wonderful site from Texas Bloggin Gals. I too live in Texas and have never had the opportunity to live anywhere else.
    Glad you got to visit Marland sounds like a great trip.
    Looking forward to being your latest follower

  2. These look amazing!! I have one vegetarian in the family and we could try this out for her (and the rest of us too!)

  3. Yummo - this will be great with all the tomatoes from the garden. Thanks, Sarah!

  4. YUM! These look delicious! Sometimes I have a hard time forcing myself to eat veggies, but I could eat a ton of these!

  5. I don't even like tomatoes as you know and these look SO good. I might have to make them and try them any ways. MMMMMMMMM

  6. These look amazing! I've never thought of making tomatoes like that. Thanks for the idea!

    I'm loving your blog! I'm your newest follower :)


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Sugar Bananas has moved! To find the latest, visit
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