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On a personal note...

I've been so SO sad about my very good friend, Katie moving.

Lots of tears.

She found out a month ago and had to hurry and get ready to move.  I've just been in denial until now.  She and her family moved Sunday. 

I met her soon after I moved to Texas and we became instant buddies. Our kids are nearly the same age and we've kept eachother sane during some crazy times. For years, we've gone shopping, out to lunch, watered each others plants, birthday parties, venting sessions, playgrounds, you name it. She's one of the sweetest and most patient people I know and I'm going to miss her horribly.

She and her family are moving to California for her husband's job. He'll have to travel a lot less so it's much easier on the whole family. So, I'm very excited for Katie that her hubs will be home but so sad for me (which is very selfish, I know).

I'm not very good with loss. 1999 was a rough year - losing my mom, dad, brothers, house, car, cat, and everything else that I held dear all in a matter of a few short months. That's kinda rough on a teenager.

Time carried on and I picked myself back up and started to rebuild my life. A few rough spots but I'd say I did pretty well. I ended up with a college degree, good job, great husband, and beautiful children.

One lingering problem because of what happened years ago is that I'm VERY aloof about meeting new people.  I'm friendly with lots of acquaintances but never let people "in" for fear of loss, of course.

Katie became one of my very close friends. Her moving has brought up a lot of buried memories for me so this has been surprisingly very painful. I'm kind of surprised because I usually have no trouble saying "goodbye".

I know, I know...she's still alive. We can still be friends. - just 1500 miles away. It's not the same. We're used to seeing Katie and co. a few times a week. She became like a sister to me and family to my kids.

Katie got me into blogging. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even known blogs existed! She's a great mom and loves her family like crazy. I've learned a bit about patience and creativity from her. She has such a giving spirit, putting others first all of the time. ...and I have no idea how this woman packed an entire house while still doing photography sessions, storytimes, and keeping up with her THREE blogs!

We had a final lunch together last week with the kids at one of our favorite restaurants. It was a sad goodbye but my kiddos made sure to hurry everything along at the end, jumping around my car like monkeys and honking the horn.

I wish her and her family tons of fun and exciting times in California. Yes, I'm so sad to see them go but more time with hubs and closer to family is just priceless.  I'm very grateful for meeting Katie and thankful for lots of fun memories!

We miss you!


  1. Aw Sarah, what a sweet tribute to your friend. I'm sure Katie will be feeling your love across the miles. I didn't know about all of your losses, but it sounds like you are an incredibly strong woman. Just think, it gives you a reason to come to California now!

  2. I know exactly how your feeling. Maybe not exactly but I met my very best friend when I moved into our old house, we were two doors down from eachother. We knew eachothers garage codes, had coffee together in the mornings, could talk about anything from kids to sex and laughed a lot. We crafted together, we started blogs together. I moved about twenty miles up the road, last year. Not too bad. But now she is talking about moving from Colorado to Idaho to be closer to family. It's going to be gutwrenching when it happens. Friends like these are hard to come by. Thank goodness for the internet! Take care... time heals.

  3. Your so sweet:] and such a good friend! You & your blog are definitely deserving of an award so... we are giving you one!
    Visit our page to get your award button & rules.
    We heart you,
    -amanda @

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you're losing your friend! My best friend moved 5 hours away about 4 years ago and I still go through bouts where I miss her like crazy. Hang in there! ♥

  5. So I haven't been on line at all except for quick things and I hadn't read this until JUST now! Totally made me cry. :( trust me when I say I am ALREADY missing you like crazy too. You are my internet woman after all


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