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Thank-You Card Wizard

The easiest way to write a thank you.  I love this online tool!

I often have trouble finding the perfect words for a thank you - especially if the gift given was money.  "Uh, thanks for the cash" does not work too well.  I found this thank you note wizard and it has helped to make this an easier task. 

Around here, a few minutes (alone) to pull out thank you cards, stamps, a pen, and envelopes is rare.  My stamps usually get picked up and used as "stickers" on my walls.  That can get a little costly.  When I'm frazzled with kids, house, and everything else, this wizard helps put my thoughts into a concise note of thanks. 

I just fill in the blanks - yes, like Mad Libs - and it creates a nice, well-written thank you. 

Here's an example.

Say I got a pretty necklace from "Cindy". 

I would click HERE and fill out the wizard like so...

And, voila!

It's a great tool and all - but, don't forget their most commonly asked question...

"YES, thank you notes should be handwritten! As we are fond of saying...

An emailed thank you note says you cared enough to do the very least!"

If sharing this idea with these great link parties.

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  1. Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog - you will LOVE Danskos. They are a little odd at first - they will be loose on your heel, but they are supposed to be. You can slip them on and off so easily but they will NEVER slip off your foot without your consent. (Very important for safety!) Most people are used to their shoes being tight, but these are not. They are also not "cushy", so you will be just shocked at how comfy and safe these shoes are. Medical personnel wear them because of how it helps your posture, leading to utter comfort!

    I am not happy to hear you have reinjured your back. Please do take it easy!! (No BLT, bending lifting or twisting for a while. It will help tremendously.)

  2. I don't think I'm sold on this type of thank you note! I would rather receive a telephone call than get one of these- it is so "canned." Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Stay away from caramels, ok? I sneaked one out of the freezer last night when I had a sugar craving! LOL I got hunger pangs when I looked at all your food pics last night. ~ Sue

  3. you are right-great tool, but heck yeah you need to hand write a thank you note!

    thank you so much for your comment on my sunroom-seriously, that's the sweetest thing ever said about it! i truly appreciate it!

  4. This is awesome! Hand written is best but sheesh, sometimes it's too much work and there's never enough time. I will remember this for sure!

  5. Visiting from My Little Blogspot...I love your blog, keep up the good work!

  6. LOL that's great!! You're so right about not sending it as an email though. Thanks for the tip!!


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Sugar Bananas has moved! To find the latest, visit
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